Leaflets and Posters

Leaflets and Posters

Freedom of choice -  dignity and control

Life is all about making decisions, whether it's where to live, what to eat or simply how and where to spend your time.  These are things that non-disabled people often take for granted.  But, if you're a disabled or older person, it may not be so easy to have the choice and control over your life that you should have.

Independent living means disabled people of all ages having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control over their life as other citizens, whether at home, at work or  in the community. It doesn't mean living by yourself, or fending for yourself: it means having the practical assistance and support to live an ordinary life - the life you choose.  Housing has a crucial role to play in enabling disabled people to lead full independent lives.

Home2Fit - Scotland's Accessible Housing Register

In February 2011, the Scottish Government published its Strategy and Action Plan for Housing in the Next Decade: 2011-2020 'Homes Fit for the 21st Century', which includes a commitment to develop a national register of accessible housing for disabled people.  It also set out actions to ensure that the needs of disabled people and older people were better reflected within national and local planning and housing investment processes.

It is generally recognised that there is no one single register of adapted / accessible housing across Scotland. Yet many millions of pounds are spent each year building and adapting properties to meet the needs of disabled people.  It's really important that this historical investment in adaptations is not wasted.

Home2Fit - Scotland's Accessible Housing Register is a new innovative web based system which will cover all housing tenures.  The system will help disabled people in housing need by offering a matching system between disabled people and adapted wheelchair accessible properties - a bit like a dating site.

Home2Fit also offers the opportunity to develop a national register of adaptations and accessible properties which can be built up over time helping to improve the efficiency of managing adaptations and helping to ensure that the right house goes to the right person at the right timeā€¦.. For more information please contact Grant Carson, Director Employment and Housing Services (grant@gcil.org.uk).

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) is run by disabled people for disabled people.  Our aim is to promote independent living by helping disabled people to gain the information, skills, and support to challenge barriers and make informed choices.  We provide a range of housing, employment, training and support services to help make independent living a reality.

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